A guru of biostar.org predict the future of bioinformatics will need Javascript programming.

the move into a “cloud” based environments like amazon EC2/app-engine and a more simplified operating systems such as chromeOS and android/iOS, will completely change the way people think about programming. So I predict that bioinformatics in the future will be carried out on a cluster of thousands of computers in the cloud, bundled together on the internet. The bioinformatic programming will be based mainly on using web-services and web-applications. These new concept will make a javascript-based bioinformatics very useful.
I know that it is sound crazy now, but in 2-3 years I predict that most people will want to perform their bioinfo analysis with their iPhone/iPad/netbook computers, doing a data-intensive tasks online, without buying expensive hardware.

I am dreaming on developing such an environment, and will work on it soon - an app-engine/jquery based bioinformatics platform.