Bioinformatics, 2nd ed.: Errata

Here we'll list any errata, bugs and corrections for the book. For the latest version of the R scripts referenced in the text, please click here.

Chapter 2

Page 46 right column,
line 35
"data/" should read "data>".

Chapter 3

Page 75
box reading "is alignment of high quality?" should read "Is alignment of high quality?3"
Page 98 Figure 3.14 legend,
line 11
"–2 –5= –7" should read "–3 –5= –8".

Chapter 4

Page 126
right column,
line 17
"positives" should be "negatives".
Page 138
Equation 22 "exp[–exp[–Kmn" should be "exp[–Kmn".
Page 146
line 5 "format, and then a request for three alignments." should be "format."

Chapter 5

Page 182 Figure 5.8 "Score for matching these two column in an msa" should read "Score for matching these two columns in an msa"
Page 200 line 20 "Table 5.1" should read "Table 5.2".
Page 202 the Example should read as

Chapter 8

Page 332 Figure 8.2 legend,
line 11
"in E" should read "in D and E" and "on each side." should read "on each side (not shown)."
Page 338 Table 8.2, title "378C" should read "37°C"; and table footnote, line 2, "39" should read "3'".
Page 339 Figure 8.6A The entry in column C, final row, should be blank.
Page 346 Figure 8.10B should read as
Page 347 Figure 8.11,
I. Seq 4.
the green "T" should be a green "U".
Page 348 box, 2., line 1 "of programs" should be "of the programs".

Chapter 9

Page 366 left column, line 30 "downtream" should be "downstream".
Page 367 left column, line 1 "exons" should be "introns".
Page 370 Table 9.2 should read as
Page 371 Table 9.3,
first column,
line 2
"UUC-Leu" should read "UUC-Phe"; and table footnote, line 1, "100,000" should read "1000".
Page 376 Figure 9.6 should read as

Chapter 10

Page 472 right column,
lines 28, 30, 40, and 43
"STRHMM" should read "HMMSTR".
Page 473 left column,
lines 7, 23, 27, 29, and 33
"STRHMM" should read "HMMSTR".

Chapter 11

Page 498 left column, line 17 "prokarytoic" should be "prokaryotic".
Page 515 Figure 11.6C, (ii) both circles labeled 3, which are now black on top and green on bottom, should be black on top and white on bottom.

Chapter 13

Page 632 Figure 13.9 legend The description of (D) should read "M/A plot of a different data set with local background subtraction, employing the minimum estimate of background for weakly expressed genes that is described in the text. However, there were few negative values."
Page 635 Figure 13.10 legend,
line 21
"are subjected an analysis" should read "are subjected to an analysis"; and lines 27 and 35, "type k" should read "type l".
Page 636 Table 13.5 should read as
Page 641 Table 13.8 should read as
Page 644 Figure 13.15 "photosyn" should be deleted four times; and Figure 13.15 legend, line 5, "(Root Morphs, Shoot Morphs, and Photosynthetic genes)" should read "(Root Morphs [red], Shoot Morphs [green], and Photosynthetic genes [blue])".
Page 645 left column,
lines 30-32
"Using these factor combinations to assist in cluster assignments, the correlation coefficient between genes in different clusters is 0. In FA, each factor refers" should read "In FA, each factor refers".
Page 660 line 50 "Liao T.C." should read "Laio J.C.".


Page 677 right column,
line 10
"prediction, 475" should read "prediction, 472–473, 475".
Page 690 right column,
line 40
"STRHMM, three-dimensional structure prediction, 472–473" should be deleted.


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